Canada Post Tracking & Delivery

Canada Post, a corporation, is established in Canada to facilitate the postal services for the people in Canada. It is known as the crown corporation which functions as Canada’s primary postal operator. In the past, Canada Postal service was officially known as “Royal Mail Canada” which was renamed as Canada Post in the 1960’s.


Parcel Pickup service

It’s significant to find ways to save time in this busy life. Whether you use it as scheduled or on-demand service, Canada post arrives at your place of business to pick up your shipments. With Canada Post, like La Poste or China Post you can avoid multiple trips to the post office. It is one way the company helps you streamline your shipping process. It also knows how important delivery status updates are to you as well as for your customers. When it comes to Canada Post Tracking, you won’t find such amazing service anywhere else. It offers a complete suite of tracking and reporting solutions that let you power your planning along with decision-making processes and inform your customers of the present tracking status. Canada Post has also added more features to its app to further augment visibility throughout the delivery process, including pickup barcodes and push notifications.

FlexDeliveryTM and Deliver to Post Office 

Consumers are busy most of the time and desire options that allow them to pick up their orders at a time and place that are convenient. Canada Post offers services that make it easy for any customer to access this flexibility. With FlexDelivery, customers can sign up to designate any of Canada Post’s retail post offices as a pickup address for their online orders. You can build loyalty with your own customers by integrating its “Deliver to Post Office service” right into your checkout. Wondering what’s the benefit of it? You will get the credit for providing your customers with flexible delivery options seamlessly and automatically, without any kind of extra steps.

Parcel lockers and returns process

Canada Post is installing more parcel lockers in condos and apartment buildings throughout Canada. Do you know what that means? It means when residents are away during the day, they will not be missing any of their orders. The items that your customers have purchased from you will be securely stored until they arrive home. More than one million Canadians can receive their deliveries in a parcel locker and this number is increasing every year. Today’s customers expect a convenient and clear returns process – it is now a factor in their pre-purchase decision-making process. And, you can always track it with Canada Post Tracking service. To help you satisfy your customers, Canada Post offers different returns options that cater to your precise needs. 

> Offshore importing solutions

For your parcel products from offshore, Canada Post can arrange customs clearance and delivery in Canada. For northbound parcel shipments, the company provides end-to-end solutions. And if you have US-based suppliers, it can manage their direct shipments to your end customers in Canada. Trends, best practices, and customer expectations are always changing. Canada Post’s in-depth research guides are there to help you keep up with the latest, so you can make sure your business is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. More and more businesses from all around the world are using the help of courier services of Canada Post as they trust it because of a good Canada Post tracking & delivery system. 

> Canada Post tracking and delivery confirmation 

Advanced Canada Post tracking technology enables sellers as well as their customers to know the status of barcoded items, no matter what their destination is. One can choose to receive delivery status updates automatically by e-mail and get these updates sent to their customers. You can view the progress of each of your barcoded parcel deliveries through the company’s system anytime online. Each item tracking event is logged as well as displayed through its online tracking system for one year. One can view and print a “delivery confirmation” online for up to one year after your parcel is delivered. A hard copy of the “delivery confirmation” is also available up to seven years via customer service.

> Services available to track items 

“Delivery updates” helps in Canada Post tracking. It is a free option that enables you to receive e-mail notifications of item-tracking events as they occur. This option can be accessed in case you are creating parcel orders with Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) if you use our tracking tool at or a customer-developed/third-party shipping system. You can enter four e-mail addresses per shipment. Some types of events that are available with “delivery updates’ are – Ship, which specifies that the shipment order has been created and the item has been given to Canada Post for delivery. Another event is – Exception. It notifies the person of any unforeseen delivery interruptions (for example, items delayed due to circumstances beyond Canada Post’s control, items that are returned to the sender or refused, and addressing errors or transportation errors). 

> Mobile tracking on your smartphone  

Canada Post tracking can be done through a mobile phone. It offers free mobile tracking applications for, iPad ®, iPhone®, BlackBerry®, AndroidTM, and WindowsTM devices, giving you the ability to track as well as confirm delivery status while on the go. You can also make use of these mobile apps to get access to the epostTM service, look up a postal code, calculate shipping rates, and search for their closest post office location. This allows easy and quick access to drop off prelabelled parcel items or purchase shipping services. One can easily download these apps from Google PlayTM, iTunes ®, BlackBerry App WorldTM or Windows StoreTM.

Canada Post tracking using your own reference number

Besides tracking shipments by looking up Canada Post’s item-tracking number, one can associate their reference name to a shipment or internal reference number when creating the shipping label. Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) allows you to add up to two reference numbers or reference names (up to 35 characters each) to the shipment details. Shipment reference numbers can be used to check the delivery status of the item at or cross-reference with records within your administrative systems. You can actually manage your tracking in a way. Well, Canada Post tracking has certainly made it quite simple, isn’t it? You can also use the help of some of the other companies like Track Your Package for Canada Post tracking.

Automated Parcel Tracking

 This is also a service of Canada Post tracking that is quite reliable and convenient. Automated Parcel Tracking (APT) is quite popular with big shippers as it provides them with the ease of automatically receiving item-tracking event data for each Canadian parcel item they have shipped with Canada Post. APT updates are often integrated with shippers’ in-house systems to achieve item-level tracking visibility for customers or Customer Service staff. To receive tracking data from Automated Parcel Tracking, items need to be prepared with Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or a customer developed/third-party shipping system. Automated Parcel Tracking offers tracking data in two standardized formats: EDI 214 and flat file.

> Automated Delivery Confirmation with Signature & identity services

The automated delivery confirmation (DC) is one of the best features of Canada Post that provides high-volume parcel customers with PDF files containing the DCs, including proof of delivery with or without a signature for every package shipped. This feature of Canada Post tracking and delivery is quite useful for shipping legal documents since it offers documentation to prove that items were delivered and the recipient’s signature has been obtained. Signature makes sure that a personal hand-off of the item occurs at delivery and provides proof of it. The name of the signatory is recorded along with the signature. If the receiver says no to provide a signature, the delivery agent will indicate “signature refused” for item-tracking purposes. Prior to the item can be handed over, the delivery agent will capture the first initial as well as the last name of the receiver.

On-Demand Pickup

One can use this service to arrange a one-time pickup at the time that is suitable for your business. A pickup fee per stop will apply, unless using either the Priority Worldwide or Priority service. Pickups can be arranged up to one month ahead for the customers with an account number (5 business days in advance for the credit card customers), or on the same business day, in case the request is made before the local call-in cut-off times. Third-Party on-demand pickup enables customers to authorize a Canada Post pickup at a third-party location or any alternate address. This service is obtainable to all commercial customers. They can arrange for the third-party pickup themselves or provide their seven-digit Canada Post customer number to a third party to arrange for the on-demand pickup. If customers want to authorize a third party to use their account number for on-demand pickup, they can contact their sales representative.

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