DTDC Tracking & Delivery

DTDC acronym stands for Door to Door Courier and Cargo limited. DTDC is India based courier company that delivers local and international packages. From the USA to Canada to the UK to Singapore, DTDC has a global presence in many countries. It’s now easy to get the details of DTDC tracking & Delivery on its official website as well as many 3rd-party websites.

DTDC tracking & Delivery gained popularity

With customers ordering a lot of products online these days, the demand for courier services has increased drastically. There was a time when people were not sure about the timely and safe delivery of their package.  But the things have changed now; you can track your package easily, as a lot of DTDC tracking options are there. Well, there is a reason why DTDC is the most preferred service. DTDC tracking & Delivery presents the history of shipping along with the facts of delivery. The history of delivery travel shows the information of intermediate delivery points, and delivery facts show information about the package like a number of pieces, type of service, etc.

DTDC tracking with one click

When you book or assign a consignment to DTDC, they provide a unique tracking number to check the delivery status. DTDC also provides unique Air wall bill number of the consignment. This DTDC tracking & Delivery number can be used on the official website. You need to enter the tracking number and then click on the button for Track DTDC. There are no complicated procedures and no hassle. DTDC is a renowned logistics service provider offering a range of services to suit your needs. They understand your needs and design an appropriate delivery plan. DTDC services known for their fast and quick delivery. So DTDC is the go-to company for all your logistics needs if you need a safe and reliable option, like UPS or DHL.

> Track multiple shipments in one shot!

It’s challenging to track a parcel, especially when you send them abroad using companies like DTDC that has a plethora of packages to deliver every day. It can be stuck in customs, getting lost along the way, or perhaps reach your destination safe and sound. However, what is most important is that you can track the exact location of your package at all times. DTDC tracking allows every customer of the company is to check online delivery. DTDC courier provides the option to track multiple shipments in one shot. You can track up to 25 shipments at a time. For more information regarding your submission, you can also contact the company’s customer service.

How to track your DTDC package ?

There are two options available for DTDC Tracking – by using the reference number and shipment number. Both the Reference number and shipment number refers to the Air Waybill specifically related to your packages. With the penetration of technology, many customers today use online tracking service. By entering the shipment number, within seconds, you will get details of the latest status of the courier. It is possible to track the courier with this number, no matter which part of the world the courier has been sent to. DTDC tracking system is one of the main functions of DTDC, and through this system, customers can get a real update on where the shipment has been reached and how long it will take to deliver.

> DTDC tracking

Never stay in the dark when it comes to your package. With the help of a unique DTDC AWB No. allotted to your package, you can track your shipment quickly. Find out where your package has reached by putting your reference number. With DTDC, courier tracking becomes easy. For shipments, DTDC Courier uses a 9-11 digit DTDC tracking number. On your slip, you should be able to see the DTDC courier tracking number, which will be given to you by DTDC Courier executives/agents when booking the package/consignment. Followed by 9-11 digits, the tracking number is a combination of three alphabets, which represents the zone/district (eg: PKD12437678). You will find the tracking number on every slip.

DTDC tracking & delivery is reliable!

If you are still in doubt whether to entrust the cargo for this company or not, we encourage you to clear your mind of all the doubts that you have. It is a reliable company. Also, any time you like, you can track and trace your goods, packages, or documents with the DTDC tracking service. The official website offers several “track my order” option: You can do this either online or via email. Just type your unique package code and the system will generate a report for you in seconds. For DTDC tracking online, you need a consignment number. At the time of the booking courier, you can get this number from the receipt you received.

DTDC Blue Courier Services: Know the DTDC tracking & delivery

Within two days of the order being placed at the source location, DTDC Blue Courier Service operates under the principle of delivering the goods at the right destination. DTDC Blue Couriers offer a complete refund to the concerned person if they are not able to deliver the products within this time. It is providing an entirely foolproof packaging method. Intra zone and inter-zone are the two types of delivery operated by DTDC Blue Courier. In the Intra zone, you will get the source and destination in the same zone, while the inter-zone show the two were in a different zone. Once the goods are delivered, the company provides DTDC tracking number and you can track via SMS and email notifications.

> Hub and spoke distribution for DTDC delivery

To manage the smooth and efficient operations, DTDC uses a hub and spoke distribution mode in every city and hub-to-hub transportation between cities. This model uses the rented vehicle to transport the shipment and pay the owner of the vehicle Kilometer. This often involves employees who are dedicated to each hub, vehicle tracking arrivals/departures, odometer reading, and manual recording consolidate this information at the end of the month to generate invoices and make payments. It is often cumbersome, prone to error, and time-consuming, so the delayed payments and inaccuracies. DTDC tracking in the past tried to use GPS Tracking solutions from multiple vendors to introduce automation and solve this problem. However, the field failure rate of more than 30% of these devices made solutions reliable and ultimately added to the cost instead of minimizing expenses!

> Customer expectations for quick DTDC tracking & delivery

With the next generation doing a lot of online shopping, DTDC is expanding into businesses for e-commerce and retail stores ranging from ground transportation and warehousing to logistics support. DTDC has a huge number of satisfied customers.

> Customer support team for guidance

All packets sent through the DTDC web can be tracked using DTDC tracking. If you have any questions about the new addition to the services the company offers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with its customer support team that is dedicated. Enter the DTDC tracking number to track the parcel, freight, and get to know the delivery status online. By using the number on the slip provided at the time of courier booking, you can check the status of the courier easily. DTDC proudly operates the last-mile network, the largest in India, which has made DTDC a preferred choice for e-commerce with trading partners located throughout the world.

> Area Covered by DTDC tracking & Delivery

DTDC is one of the largest logistics company with a presence in 200 countries. In recent times, DTDC has expanded services in Southeast Asia. DTDC is one of the largest package delivery networks in India. It was fully established in 1990 with headquarters in Bangalore. DTDC tracking has seen a drastic growth in the global range in countries like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China, and individual countries in Asia. When it comes to the delivery of a package by courier service, the most important aspect we should look for is the safety and security of the belongings. DTDC takes full responsibility and provides consignment on time. It is known for affordable prices that can be achieved for each customer. DTDC offers many premium services like the ground, rail, and air transport. All of this premium service provides a door-to-door collection of packages and deliver them to the consignee.

> No special software required for DTDC tracking

The best thing with DTDC tracking is that there is no need to install any software to track the shipment. A package can be easily tracked on the website. At one time, you can track up to 25 shipments, just by entering their names separated by a comma. The Web-based DTDC tracking & Delivery solution is provided by many websites like Tack Your Package. To track the delivery on the website, you need an active internet connection. By using the Reference number or shipment number, customers can track shipments easily online. Use the most preferred courier service and expect the on-time delivery of your package to any destination of the world. You can also avail SMS service that will help you track your package even without an internet connection.

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