Frequently Asked Questions

How does parcel tracking work ?

The tracking system is updated from time to time to provide you with the most current information available to track package. You will get to know about the location and status of your parcel. You’ll be able to find out when your package was booked, when it was dispatched and received at several locations during the transit. You will also get to know when your item is to be delivered. You can check the whereabouts of your package on the website, and you will also get updates via SMS so that you can track package.

Is it still possible to track my shipment without knowing my tracking number ?

There is no need to worry even if you don’t know what your parcel tracking number is. There are certain conditions in which you can track package. Well, if you have the shipper’s reference number, then you track your order. We also keep you updated on the whereabouts of your package with our SMS service. You can also call our customer service from your registered number and track your order. There are ways of tracking your package without tracking number, but we strongly recommend you to make a record of your tracking number to make the process easy. 

How is the delivery time calculated ?

Calculation of delivery time is something that comes before the process of parcel tracking and is not the same for every delivery. There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to estimating delivery time. These are product(s) selected, the destination pin-code such as 110020 to which you want the order to be shipped to and seller’s location. The time taken for delivery is calculated on the basis of historical data of delivery timelines for package orders originating from pin-code that is entered. In some cases, delivery timelines may also vary depending on the factors mentioned above. After factoring in all these factors, the company let you know the estimated time of delivery. 

What should I do when I receive my delivery ?

Before getting shipped to you, all packages are sealed at the warehouse. When you receive your packages, make sure you examine the external condition of the package to check out if there are any signs of damage. Make sure it is sealed properly and wasn’t opened during the transit. Well, parcel tracking will let you know where they were during the transit. We would recommend that you should not sign the package and say no to accept it if you feel that the condition of the shipment is not good. You should hand the courier back to, and your package will be replaced within a few days and track package again.

Parcel delivered to the wrong address and signed for. What to do ?

In case your package was delivered to a wrong address, and someone else has signed for it, you need to contact the seller. With our parcel tracking, we will keep you update about your order’s whereabouts. You must inform the company where you placed orders and confirm if the shipping address was correctly labeled. You need to keep in mind that Track Your Package is a company to track package only. If you have any issues with the delivery of the package, you need to ask the shipping company. For further assistance, we request that you contact the seller or the shipment company where you have placed your order.

Can I get my package successfully delivered in case of an insufficient address ?

Yes, you can track package and get your package successfully delivered in case of insufficient address under normal circumstances. However, it will take some time, and there is every chance that your package may be delayed. If you have provided accurate, clearly marked, and complete address details, you can always expect efficient delivery.  Packages are sorted and handled many times during the transit before they are actually delivered to you. And, in case of incorrect or insufficient address, the packages may be redirected to the wrong sorting distribution center and hence delayed. Moreover, your package will be marked as “insufficient address- return to sender” if there are no address details.

Can I modify my delivery address ?

You cannot change the delivery address once the order has been placed. If you want your package to be delivered to a different address, you need to re-order the product with the correct address or the address that you want to modify into. If you have already made the payments, these will be refunded to you as per the terms and conditions of the return policy. You can visit the selling company’s official website to place the order again. However, in a few cases If the package is coming from some other country, then you can submit the request of address change to your local shipping carrier as your parcel arrives in your country. 

My package hasn't arrived, but it was supposed to be here. What can I do ?

If your package hasn’t arrived, then the first step is to track package status. The tracking number allows us to provide customers with your package’s most current tracking info. If the tracking results do not answer your question, your next step can be to contact the courier company for further assistance. Don’t have a tracking number with you? Contact the shipper and ask them to provide you with the tracking number. If you are unable to get your tracking number from the shipper, you need to contact the customer service. They may be able to find your shipment information.

It had an estimated delivery date when we first track package, and now there isn't one. What does this mean ?

When you place your order, you do get the estimated delivery date information. But when your package encounters a delay, or there is an exception in handling, it may be difficult to precisely track package and state when to expect the shipment to be delivered. Sometimes, there some situations where you will find that the package has not been delivered by the time/ date committed to you. Many times, in such cases, the information would be removed from the display. So, you can ask the customer service or may wait a bit until the parcel tracking becomes available again.

Is it necessary to provide id proof when I receive the package ?

No, it isn’t necessary to provide Id proof when you receive the package. However, the intended recipient needs to sign the delivery document upon the delivery of the package. The package will be delivered to the address provided by you. The delivery person will deliver the package to anyone available at your address. Through parcel tracking you can track package and be ready to receive the same at the given address. The benefit of tracking is that you will be able to know when you can expect the delivery and don’t miss your package.