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Want to send parcels with TNT and keep a track of them while they are in transit ?  Well, Track Your Package is here – the one-stop solution for all your needs to package tracking. Here, at, we know how important it is for you to know that your package is safe and will be delivered on time. With our platform, you will find that it is quite easy to track your TNT shipment. TNT Express is one of the largest express delivery companies in the world with a global reach to 200 countries and a very strong position in Europe. TNT operates road and air transportation in Europe, Asia, America, the Middle East and the African continent. Pick-ups and deliveries are carried out at certain times and days. To provide the best service at the best competitive price TNT ensures that your packages, documents and delivery items are sent safely and on time throughout the world.

TNT is one of the largest express delivery companies in the world

TNT transfers goods and documents throughout the world. Their services are tailored to customer needs with focus on definite retrieval and delivery. The company employs more than 45,000 people and serves more than 200 countries worldwide. Its operational network is supported by advanced technology that also ensures the reliability of services providing real-time and on-line information about your delivery status.

About the company TNT Express

TNT has been offering services for 70 years, competing with industry leaders such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. The latter even tried to acquire the company with a value of 6.7 billion, but the offer was rejected. The company has a complete presence in more than 61 countries and provides mail package delivery, packages, and couriers to more than 200 countries. The United States, China, India, Dubai, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Britain, Sweden, Thailand, New Zealand, and Canada are some of the strongest markets. One of the reasons behind its success can be accounted the technology. It adapts to the latest technologies and practices and in fact, the TNT Express tracking is one of the first to offer courier tracking services. Coming to its history, it initially began as a small-scale transportation business by Ken Thomas in 1946. In 2011, it separated from the parent company now known as PostNL. TNT is one of the most successful courier companies in the world. Even operating its own cargo airline, TNT Airways, takes on better delivery services worldwide. Tracking TNT packages is easy with, so you know where your package is anywhere in the world. When you book with TNT, just enter your TNT tracking number into our search bar, and you will get an update about the status of your package delivery. Our tracking system will tell you where your package is in a five-step process :

  • Has been collected
  • In transit
  • At the delivery depot
  • Out for Delivery
  • Be delivered

After you determine where your package is on the journey above, you can go to specific by checking the tracking information that appears lower on the page, which gives a date report about your shipment so you can determine when your package will arrive. That way, you can find out things like whether your shipment has been sent, who signed it, and when.

TNT tracking : the best way to track your package status

We, at Track Your Package, have developed an interface for the consumers to track shipments on the web. You can track the TNT messenger shipment number with the delivery number or reference number. Enter your 9 digit consignment tracking number (528965842) in the box and get the package details. To prevent duplicate results, you can use GE859685742WW these letters.

  • Visit our website,
  • Select the option of TNT delivery
  • Then move to the track package page and select national if you want to track packages within the US or international tracking if, that is outside the US.
  • Enter the tracking number or shipment number provided for the North American country, so click the Track button.
  • Finally, you will redirect to the page by the tracking details that will clearly shows the address, current location, and delivery status.

In some cases, the tracking number you enter will not redirect to the page until it is scanned by the workplace. Then, we want to wait 24 hours and check back again. Even once 24 hours if we tend to not be able to get tracking data from a sequence that we tend to understand. Then we want to contact our sender to verify the tracking number is correct or not. There are 2 International TNT tracking number formats:

  • 9 digits, for example, 123456785.
  • 2 letters + 9 digits + 2 letters, for example GD123456785WW.

Follow TNT’s Tracking Steps

  • Get 9 tracking code numbers or customer reference numbers from the delivery record
  • Select “Delivery no” if you want to track with the delivery tracking ID. But for tracking with the help of the customer reference code, select “Customer ID”
  • Click the search button and also wait for the results of monitoring

Express delivery tracking with TNT

As we know that they are a number of options in the TNT postal service, special tracking is also one of the most effective services. We tend to choose specific online delivery services once we want the package to reach North America earlier or faster. The company provides specific on-line delivery with attractive online fees options as well as possible payments by MasterCard. To track your packages in certain shipments, we tend to be forced to send our tracking number via email. So we will only specify the location of our parcel. By exploiting TNT-specific tracking, we often try to be your clients and once we become your daily clients, you will have the opportunity to receive personal rates for your consignment volumes.

The delivery tracking process

To track your delivery, you have to enter the reference number or the consignment number on our specific official website, provided on the package. So click on the target button. On the next page itself we will see all data half the trajectory of our load. This displays complete data from the package such as the Place of Origin and Destination, Booking Date, the date of delivery that can be calculated related to the choice to send this details email. Another way to track the cargo that stands is by, directly exploring TNT’s official website, com or att com and choosing the location of our country. Then, use the form located in the Package Track tab. We tend to track up to ten Delivery Packages directly by separating each TNT tracking number or TNT international tracking with commas.

TNT’s Customer Help Center

TNT delivers around 10 lakhs every day in various regions of the world through a network of 54 air transport and more than 58,000 workers in 61 countries. TNT has a very active Help Center. You can call the TNT toll-free number for any request regarding your shipment: 1800 208 9999/1800 425 9999. Customers can also send messages or solve questions through the user-friendly Help Center interface. Sometimes people fear that their shipment might get stuck at customs. Well, it may happen because your goods are prohibited or just having the incorrect paperwork. Whatever the reason your package is held for, you just need to contact TNT’s help center or raise a query online. Using a platform like TNT will ensure that there are none or minimal customs delays for you. At TNT, they understand that the quality of relationships with your customers is as important as the delivery of goods promised. Others all have customers but TNT interacts with people who work for customers. People appreciate special attention and true care and respect. It creates a quality and loyalty relationship that is satisfying for all and good for business. After the first shipment attempt to your address, you can contact your local TNT office and ask them to send your package to your closest access point. The access point is instructed to hold it for 7 days, and then return it to the sender. You will need an identification form when you collect your package at the Access Point location.

How to deal with damaged products ?

Sometimes your package actually comes with signs of loss or damage; we strongly recommend opening it when the driver is still there. You will be asked to write a report about unfavourable shipments, including photos and detailed descriptions of the damage. The claim procedure depends on the particular courier company. If you order your shipment through, we offer customer support to send a complaint to TNT courier service provider. Even though we are not responsible for the damage because we do not handle your package directly, we will guide you through this procedure for free. The only thing you have to remember is to notify us within 48 hours of receiving your package. TNT has the talent to get the perfect balance between speed and security and when you book TNT courier services through, you will always get it at the lowest possible price. TNT Express is an express delivery service for your national delivery, but also for shipments to Europe and around the world. TNT also holds a strong position in Europe, with headquarters in the Netherlands. But it provides packages and shipments safely and quickly to almost anywhere in the world, as well as throughout Australia and the APAC region. The TNT Track & Trace feature allows you to track your shipments online, from start to finish, including several packages. For the best TNT Track & Trace feature, use website and know how your package is moving to the destination.

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