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Track Your Package offers extensive and timely USPS tracking services to help its customers gain accurate information regarding their shipped items. We facilitate effortless tracking for United States Postal Service (USPS) items with our easy-to-use tracking system. If you are in need of an efficient and reliable way mode of tracking, our service is your easiest bet. You can avail our service regardless of where you are in the world. Since most USPS users tend to lack information related to tracking, we have created a simple and step-wise guide to familiarize them with the basics. You can find general information regarding tracking and the processes involved below.

What is USPS Tracking ?

Just like UPS, Fedex or DHL, USPS tracking comprises of the steps involved in end-to-end tracking of items shipped to domestic addresses within the United States. Items that can be tracked include those mailed to Fleet Post Offices, Army Post Offices and Diplomatic Post Offices and addresses within all US Freely Associated States and Territories. Tracking an item helps its sender to know where it is on its way to the receiver. Our USPS package tracking services can reveal why an in-transit item is getting delayed or fails to reach its destination. By using tracking, you can know where your package is, during any given point of time. It reduces the uncertainty related to mail deliveries. The tracking system provided by us is quite convenient and intuitive for users. Simply by inputting the tracking number of your package, all tracking information and related details can be obtained. You will be able to monitor a package at every stage until its delivery. Some of the useful information that tracking reveals includes :

  • Delivery information
  • Attempted delivery information
  • Delivery time and date
  • Item delivery address

Tracking can also reveal who received the item and exactly where, which includes mailboxes and neighbors. Our trustworthy tracking mechanism for USPS delivery ensures you receive prompt real-time updates regarding item status. The tracking system we provide to our customers enables instant tracking of multiple consecutive items. Access to the tracking tool requires a nominal fee which we charge for the service. You do not have to pay for tracking USPS items with us. Our tracking solutions also cover internationally shipped items that are on their way to US shores. USPS international tracking is one of our standout services preferred by numerous customers. You can expect accurate time, date, status and current location information by utilizing our tracking tool. We are relied upon by numerous USPS users across the US for our speedy, precise and dependable tracking services. If your item has a valid tracking ID, we can assure you detailed and current information regarding its whereabouts.

How USPS Tracking Works ?

Tracking is done by scanning a mailed item label at various points during its journey. Along with location, timestamps are also available as part of the tracking information. If your USPS item has a tracking number on it. If you are aware of your shipment tracking number, locating it is simple. All you need to do is log in to our website, visit the USPS tracking section, enter in your tracking number, and click search. If the item has been delivered, tracking enables you to know who has picked up the item.

> Time taken for availability of tracking information

It is important to note that the labels on shipped USPS have to be scanned for any information to be available. After an item is scanned at a particular hub, it is passed on to the next location. Consecutive scans are performed at different points of the journey, and information is updated at each point. Please note that there is no exact predetermined time frame. But we can guarantee that full tracking information is available as soon as items are scanned.

> What is the purpose of the tracking information ?

Tracking information for an item mail, parcels and any other items sent via USPS helps the mail service keep track of an item’s current location. This is necessary to ascertain if a mailed item will reach its recipient on time. But, tracking information is not just for mail service provider. Senders can also track an item using our convenient tracking tool from any of their devices. If you find a lack of updated information or severe delays with tracking, it will be possible for you to contact the mail service and inquire.

> Process of adding tracking to an item

1. Adding tracking at a Post Office

USPS Tracking comes into immediate effect as soon as you have completed the postage process at your nearest Post Office. You will be given a tracking number for the item with your mailing receipt. This number has to be inputted in our tracking tool for you to see updated delivery information.

2. Adding tracking online

To do this, you need to create an online account with the USPS. Log into your account, print out your tracking labels and receipt. You will find the item tracking number within the receipt, and can use it to track the delivery status of the sent item. It is important to note that whether you fetch your tracking number from a Post Office or on the USPS official website, it is the same number.

What is the Expected Delivery Window ?

Upon tracking a USPS package by entering its tracking number, you might see some information regarding ExDW or the Expected Delivery Window. It is a two-hour time slot within which you can expect your package to be delivered to your location. Do keep in mind that the actual delivery time of your package might vary from the ExDW mentioned. However, you can expect the delivery to be concluded within the same day.

Accessing Package Tracking Information

The amount and nature of tracking information available for sent items usually vary based on the category of mail they fall under. If your shipment falls under Priority Mail Express, you will receive step by step information as the item traverses from one location to the next. Shipments that are not Priority Mail Express will exhibit just the time when items go out for delivery. You are likely to get a label number if your sent item falls under :

  • Certified Mail
  • Registered Mail
  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • Collect on Delivery
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail International
  • Signature Confirmation

> How to know your USPS tracking number

The USPS tracking number is a sixteen digit number present on the receipt you get from them, upon paying for and completing the postage process.

> How to track USPS shipment by number

Both sender and recipient can track the delivery status of an USPS package by :
1. Sending an SMS to 28777 will give you information related to the shipment.
2. Visiting the USPS official website is another way of finding information.
3. You can use our hassle-free service to instantly get detailed and real-time information regarding your shipment.

> How you Can Get USPS Tracking Notifications

It is possible to get automatic updates regarding the status of your shipment through the USPS official website. After you input your tracking number on the website, try to locate the option that says “Text & Email Updates” and follow any steps mentioned there. Alternatively, you can use our tracking mechanism and automated update system to get precise information regarding your item’s delivery status. We offer instantaneous information to make tracking packages extremely easy for you.

Different Package Tracking Statuses

Delivered – It means that the package has been received by its intended recipient.

→ Return to Sender – If a recipient cannot be reached even after multiple contact attempts, USPS professionals can mark the item to be returned back to its sender.

→ Damaged in Transit – If an item has suffered damage in transit, it is marked so. Senders can claim compensation for the same.

→ Uncontrollable Customs Delay – International shipments might get stuck in customs for various reasons.

How to Track your USPS Package with Us

Using our services for USPS delivery tracking is one of the easiest ways of gaining the information you are seeking. Take a look at the steps :

→ Find your parcel number – Retrieve the tracking number provided by the carrier or directly by the seller in case of online purchase. If you do not have it, contact the person or company who shipped the package.
Copy/paste it – Enter the tracking number in the white field at the top of the page
Track your package – Click on the “Track” button to gain direct access to the tracking status of your package. You will get the live location of your parcel as well as the last steps of its delivery.

Why Use our USPS Tracking Service

  • We are associated with a large network of courier, mail and shipping partners.
  • Our state of the art tracking tool speeds up your experience.
  • Tracking for both items sent domestically and internationally are available.
  • We are a reliable and affordable service provider you can depend on.
  • Tracking multiple packages and mail items is no hassle at all.

Avail our services if you are interested in efficient and error-free tracking services.

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