Fedex Tracking & Delivery

Everyone likes to do online shopping these days. But, it kills the fun if your package doesn’t arrive on time isn’t it ? This is where you need a facility like FedEx that can help you track your package. FedEx gives importance to every detail from packaging, tracking, and delivery of an item, be it a document or a bulky consignment.

How does it work ? Packaging, FedEx tracking, and delivery

A multinational delivery service provider, FedEx has been into the business since 1971. With its constant adoption to new age shipment processing, it has gained one of the top positions when it comes to the package delivery companies.  Operating in more than 200 countries, FedEx is a reliable name for a timely delivery. FedEx, an international shipping company, is responsibly delivering more than 3.9 million shipments daily. While you choose FedEx for your shipment, you must be looking for options for tracking your package. When it comes to Fedex Tracking & Delivery, there are a few companies that help you know the real-time tracking status online.

FedEx : preparing your package for delivery

Before we go ahead and talk about FedEx Tracking and delivery, let’s first discuss about packaging. With FedEx, you can get all your packaging and shipping supplies under one roof. To facilitate their customers, FedEx offers in-house packaging service where a customer can enjoy professional packaging for their parcel. Be it a small document or a heavy package; you would get all types of packaging material from wooden box to paper envelops at a single go. It is an excellent option if you are looking for customization. There is enough room for creativity, and it is of great help when you customize your packaging with your business branding and logo. You can choose from a large variety and size of packaging material as made available by FedEx. If you want your package to be packed in the best way, choose FedEx. 

Availability of different FedEx delivery options depending on the package

 FedEx offers a variety of options as far as shipping charges is concerned. It depends on the weight of the consignment along with the urgency for delivery. You can get various shipping options such as transfer through air or ocean. Charges also vary upon extra care, priority delivery, and so on. There are options for delivering consignments on the same date or within 24 hours which is most preferred by customers for highly perishable goods. There are other options for delivering the products within two days from the time of packaging. Doorstep delivery or to a fixed point is also made available, which you can always keep the track of with FedEx tracking system. They also cater to deliver dangerous good and hazardous material with intensive care. Various charges are implied depending on the urgency and the weight of the consignment.

Access to real-time position of your package with FedEx tracking

 FedEx provides real-time tracking of each consignment in transit. It tracks every shipment from the time they charge of it to the time it is delivered. FedEx has pioneered the real-time tracking technique. They keep the customers updated with the current location and timing of the package. There is various parcel tracking methods that is used to locate a parcel such as by using the tracking number, reference number, and TCN. While they receive a parcel for delivery, it is coded with a barcode which ensures easy access of the parcel. In this article, we will know in details the various methods of tracking your parcel so that you keep informed, and there is no chance of loss or misplacement. 

Final delivery with proof

Proof of delivery is an essential part of the entire process. It ensures that the consignment has been delivered to the desired place and the desired person. FedEx offers an elaborate service of a delivery manager for its valued customers. With this service you can get detailed information on the delivery status of your parcel, real-time FedEx tracking of the parcel, delivery status, another status such as returned parcel, request a vacation hold, delivery alert at your convenience and final delivery report with proof. With these services, it becomes easier for the customers to build trustworthiness upon FedEx. Other than personal requests, large companies also partner with FedEx as their delivery partner. With reliable partnership, FedEx also provides quality deliverables. 

Knowing the package status through online FedEx tracking

FedEx has eventually gained popularity as it offers a wide range of options to its clients to track their consignment. The tracking tools are designed with the utmost simplicity and easy to access lookout. With various FedEx tracking tools, it becomes easier for the customers to be aware of the status of their shipment all the time. It provides you every information with speed, simplicity, and convenience. 

> What make FedEx tracking system so good ?

FedEx has an easy to understand interface which does not even require their customers to log in to check the delivery status of their shipments. Information can be fetched on every single real-time delivery status. For example, it could be located if it is lying at the customs or have cleared the freight and is ready to ship. The benefits of using FedEx as your delivery partner is you can track your shipment any time, do not need to login to their website every time you need to check the delivery status, track your shipment at a clear interface which is easy to understand. With FedEx tracking, you can get all the updates related to your delivery just by one click at your desktop.

> Real-time status with FedEx advanced tracking

FedEx advance tracking tool has been designed to cater to regular clients as well as business partners. No matter the number of consignments to be delivered at one time, all your consignments will be under surveillance and you will be updated with the real-time tracking of each one of them. With the help of FedEx advance stacking tool, you get in-depth tracking information which will help you to build confidence and take control of your time and delivery. With this, you can achieve business goals as you can estimate the delivery time of your consignment. While you choose FedEx advance tracking tool, you will be given access to get essential insights with customized reports. You will also be given a wide range of notification option to choose from as per your convenience.

> Stay informed with your tracking status on the go with FedEx Mobile Tracking

Mobile tracking is the most convenient and most preferred option today. With mobile tracking tool, you can keep a stern eye on your shipment status 24X7. With this FedEx tracking option, it will be easier for you to keep a note of your consignment status even if you are not at your workplace. You can quickly set up alerts for updates on your mobile. In this way, you will receive alert every time your parcel changes its position. It is easy to track your consignment with just a tap in your mobile phone and it can be ever simple when you use the barcode scan tracking system.

> Stay connected at access point with FedEx desktop alert

When checking shipment is your official work then FedEx desktop alert is the most viable one. Keep notice of your shipments while you don’t get diverted from your actual work at your desktop. FedEx will send you desktop alerts on all important happening with your shipment. While you take charge of tracking the shipments for your company, FedEx provides you with a one-stop solution which gives you access to all your shipment in one time. By this, you will receive customized alerts and use your time efficiently at work. With FedEx Tracking, you will also be notified about the expected delivery time of the assignments.

> Track shipments with Fedex insight

There is an easy tracking method for inbound, outbound, and third-party shipments with
FedEx Insight. FedEx Insight is a tracking tool specially designed for business shipments. Here an online approval request will be sent to your sales representative. There is no further requirement of taking charge of each assignment separately. This advanced tool will entitle you to fetch tracking status without the need of tracking number, reference number, etc. at a single access point. This Business to customer delivery system will enable you to update the customer with the current tracking status of the shipment and avoid any customer complaint.   

> Use  e-mail for FedEx tracking

Finally, the other way to track your shipment is just to send an e-mail, like Speepost or DPD. It can help you get all the important information about the status of your package. You can fetch information of up to 30 consignments in a single Email. If that’s not enough, you can simply log on to Track Your Package, and the company will make sure you get the desired information about your shipment. It will help you  to track the package using FedEx tracking system along with your reference code and other tracking ID to get real-time access to your shipment. We help you maintain the peace of mind while you send your valuable shipment through the most significant delivery partner FedEx.

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