GLS Tracking & Delivery

GLS always has the most current information regarding your parcel. Use your 14-digit parcel number to check where your parcel is at the moment. With GLS, recipients and senders can track their parcels any time. After entering the parcel number or Track ID, complete information appears on-screen about the parcel as well as the delivery process. This includes the estimated delivery day and the recently carried-out action. GLS tracking is free and you don’t need to pay anything extra for that. Anyone expecting or sending several parcels can track them all simultaneously using the online tracking function. Every parcel label includes a 2D barcode, which contains all the essential parcel data, including the parcel number. The code is scanned at all the key transport points and the current position, as well as the most recently performed action, is transmitted to the GLS system.

GLS tracking is simple

GLS tracking is vital for the whole logistics coordination process. GLS makes the information available via its online parcel tracking function, meaning that you too can track your parcel at any time. For example, when the parcel is loaded into a delivery vehicle, the drivers scan the code on the label with their hand-held scanners. At the time of the delivery attempt, even if the recipient is not present, the scanner still comes into operation. The driver after that scans the notification card, which is left behind for the recipient. In a lot of countries, the driver sends the delivery information through mobile data transmission directly to GLS, hence making them available in real-time. All the data is collated in the GLS system. Consignment tracking is possible using both the track id and parcel number, from the notification card.

GLS ParcelShop

If no-one is there at the time of the attempted delivery, the next steps of GLS will depend on what is customary in the particular country in question. In a lot of countries, it is common practice that neighbors accept parcels.  It has become possible due to GLS tracking. GLS drivers can leave a notification card for the recipient. If there are GLS ParcelShops in that nation, these can be used as an alternative delivery address. In a few countries, it is already possible to preselect a GLS ParcelShop as a delivery address when ordering products online. You can find out which delivery options are there in a particular country by visiting the website of the GLS national company. 

GLS Express delivery tracking

Punctuality and speed are the priorities for every GLS express delivery. The company also offers GLS tracking service as well. A national ExpressParcel will reach its recipient ahead of the close of business the next working day and national shipments even earlier in a lot of countries. If the package doesn’t arrive on time, a refund will be made. Saturday delivery and earlier delivery times are also possible in several areas. Express products can be combined with added services, and for each ExpressParcel GLS is liable for the value of the products, up to a definite maximum depending on the country. With GLS you will get reliable national express delivery. GLS delivers express consignments usually before the close of business the next working day. In a few countries, delivery before 12.00 is the standard.

GLS Time Definite Service tracking and Express Parcel tracking

GLS delivers packages before a definite time the next working day in a lot of countries and areas. Nationally before 8.00, 9.00 or 10.00 and internationally before 9.00, 10.00 or 12.00. The delivery before a specific time can be booked in combination with the express products, perfect for parcels that have to reach their destination even faster. When it comes to reliable national express delivery, GLS delivers express consignments usually before the close of business the next working day. In a few countries, delivery before 12.00 is the standard. You can always track it with GLS tracking. When it comes to express delivery, punctuality is everything. Urgent consignments containing everything from documents to spare parts reach their destinations on time. If an express courier is unable to deliver a package, a second free-of-charge delivery attempt will be made the next working day (subject to the agreement of the sender).

> FlexDeliveryService tracking

This GLS tracking informs recipients early about the delivery of the package and offers a range of delivery options to choose from. Recipients receive an e-mail including information about the upcoming delivery of GLS parcels, like UPS delivery or DHL delivery. Recipients, in this way, can make arrangements to take the delivery of the package early. If recipients want, they can choose from a number of delivery options online such as a different address or redirect the parcel to a GLS ParcelShop (if available in the country), select a new date for the delivery and more. Receiving parcels becomes flexible, which makes the shipment of packages to private households less complicated. The number of complaints and enquiries to the sender decreases, customers satisfaction on the other hand increases.

How long does delivery usually take and what should be done if a parcel is damaged ? 

National parcels are delivered in most countries within a standard delivery time of less than 24 hours (excluding remote areas and islands). Standard delivery times lie between 24 to 96 hours. GLS delivers Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Find out here where your package is right now as well as when delivery is expected to take place. The best part is that there is GLS tracking is there to track all these packages. The sender is responsible for packing items properly. If a parcel has any external damage such as a hole in the box, the recipient can refuse to accept the parcel. GLS will then return the package to the depot and inform the sender about the complaint. If recipients accept a seemingly intact package and subsequently discover that the contents are damaged, they should complain to the sender. 

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