How to send a parcel through the post office ?

Do you know that you can send parcels to any destination in the world quickly and easily through the post office? It is suitable for personal as well as commercial purposes. Well, customs documentation varies according to the requirements of various countries. In France, anything can be sent in the parcel with La Poste except the articles whose shipments are prohibited. This can contain a single product to the recipient of the parcel.

If the parcel is suspected of containing other than authorized products, the parcel will be opened in the presence of the recipient or official agent, and any written communication will be charged to the shipment by doubling the mailing cost. If the recipient refuses to pay the fee, the parcel will be returned to the sender from whom the fee will not be returned.

How to send in advance

Shipping costs on the parcel, and also the registration fee if the parcel must be registered must be paid in full. Stamps must be affixed to or stamped machine impressions taken on parcel covers or official labels which can be obtained free of charge at the post office. In cases where stamps are used, the sender or courier must affix the stamp himself as a postal officer who is prohibited from affixing it. If an official label is used, the label must be affixed to the parcel, and if the sender does not do it himself, he (or she) is advised to see it done before him before leaving the post office.

If the wax fabric is used as an outer cover for protection and strong paper has not been securely fastened outside the wax fabric, it is recommended that the stamp must always be affixed to the official label.

Manner of Prepaying Postage

Each parcel (including service parcels) intended to be sent by mail must be shown in the post office window. Each parcel found in the mailbox will be treated and charged as a registered parcel.

Parcel packaging

A parcel should ideally be packed and put into a cashing wrapper that is strong enough, or a cover which is bound in a calculated way to safeguard the contents of the loss or damage to the post, to prevent any accompanying interference, and to protect other postal items from damage, in any case, the way. If a parcel containing cloth or woolen material must be wrapped in a strong wrap with an outer covering of card board or a sturdy cloth. It is recommended to use wooden cardboard or sturdy cardboard according to the nature of the parcel packaging.

Liquids and substances that are easy to melt must be sent in double containers. Between the first container (bottles, lectures, boxes etc.) and the second (which must be a strong metal or wooden box), some space must be left filled with sawdust, bran or other absorbent material in an amount sufficient to absorb all liquid contents in case of damage.

The live bee must be attached in a suitable case and packed to prevent all risks of injury to other postal articles in the process of sending by mail or to officers of the Post Office.


Shipping rates are cheaper than the courier rates. Customs procedures are for sending simple items. This is proven and tried the method of shipping goods and merchandise.

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