How to schedule a pick-up with Fedex ?

What happens if the customer is not home when the delivery truck arrives? How to plan deliveries for such shipments? Such concerns put most small businesses in trouble. Even if you could handle the final deliveries yourself, setting up a perfect delivery system could be very complicated. For the most part, FedEx Pickup and its wide range of delivery options seem to have solved this problem.

FedEx has designed its services at a fixed time, taking into account your interests. You can largely customize your shipments with their special delivery options. They even allow you to plan the pickup of your orders, which e-commerce giants have mastered over the years.

What is FedEx Pickup?

FedEx Pickup is a special service offered by various FedEx services. Thanks to this, your shipments can be removed directly from your warehouse at a predefined time and date. Upon request, FedEx agents would arrive home to pick up your shipments.

Specifying the pickup time beforehand should give you enough time to plan your shipments. You can easily prepare and pack your items in packages one night before the FedEx truck arrives the next morning.

You have a small FedEx package that is ready to ship, but you cannot drop it off at a FedEx store. Just schedule a one-time collection. It’s easy and convenient. Here’s what you need to do to start:

1. Go to the fundraising page at You can find this page by clicking Schedule and Manage Collections in the quick access section of the home page or under Ship in the top navigation bar.

2. From there, you have to log in at to access your account. If you do not have a account, you can easily sign up here.

3. Confirm or update your account number in the Account Details section. If you have multiple account numbers, you can select the one you want to use from the drop-down menu.

4. In the Pickup Address section, your account address will be pre-populated. Look it over to make sure it is correct and fill in any missing information. You can also use a different address by clicking the Edit Collection Address link at the top of the section.

5. Specify the details of your pickup, such as the number of packages, availability time, or special instructions in the Package Information section.

6. If you want to configure notifications, you can also do this by entering your email address in the optional Email Notifications section.

7. Once you are ready, click Schedule Collection to send your information.

You are all together! You can also manage your scheduled collections on the My Collections tab on the same page. Here you can view, edit or cancel your collections in one place.

All you need to get started with FedEx Pickup

Like UPS, FedEx has certain restrictions in terms of planning pickups. To begin, FedEx will only support shipments billed under a FedEx account number. It is important to create a FedEx account before proceeding.

The payment process is quite simple; you can choose to pay by cash, check or credit card. However, payment must be made at a shipping location with staff and government-issued photo identification is still required. You can contact your FedEx Account Manager to find out if you qualify for a regular pickup or FedEx Ground Automated Pickup.

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